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Placement Workshop

LifePage Placement Workshop will introduce students to a revolutionary approach for Industry Interaction using 1,269 Career Talks and to Skill Development 2.0

The LifePage Placement Workshop will introduce your students to a revolutionary approach for Industry Interaction and for Skill Development. These are the two most important elements for success in the Placement process.

For college students, Placements is the holy grail of professional education. However, most students struggle both with the Placement process and also with real life work environments. This workshop analyzes real challenges faced by college students and proposes a completely unique and innovative solution.

Greater industry interaction and focussed skill development are the two most critical requirements. However, both these activities are highly resource intensive.

LifePage presents Industry Interaction 2.0 - students can now access 1,269 Career Talks from seasoned professionals, completely free of cost and at their own convenience.

How useful is the age old mantra "Practice! Practice! Practice"? What should be the focus of this Practice? LifePage allows users to provide anonymous and private feedback to other LifePage users, allowing the recipient to both measure a Skill and know exactly what he or she needs to Practice.

Our 4 hour workshop will ensure that every participant gets clear guidance on how to work on Career Awareness and also have a personalized skill development plan. Please connect with us to discuss financials for delivering this seminar.

Downloading LifePage is free, watching Career Talks on LifePage is free, and first 3 Self Assessments on LifePage are also free. You can integrate LifePage in your college curriculum by making every student watch at least 10 Career Talks and do at least 3 Self Assessments. There will be no cost to the student for this. Once a student does his or her first Self Assessment he or she will start receiving Skill Development feedback.

If you wish to invite us to your college, we will be happy to deliver our Placement Workshop to steadfast your students on Industry Interaction 2.0 and Skill Development 2.0


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