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Study Abroad

The LifePage Study Abroad Program will help you navigate through the myriad of possibilities for your study abroad aspiration.

Why Study Abroad?

LifePage Study Abroad Program

Everyone should aim to study abroad at some point of time. In today's globalized world, studying abroad, enhances your career prospects, enriches your exposure, makes you self confident, widens your network and most importantly it broadens your horizons. However, studying abroad is also a substantial financial investment and more importantly a commitment of time.

Getting the most out of your study abroad experience is both a science and an art. The LifePage Study Abroad Program hand holds you through these steps so that you make the most of your investment.

Step 1: Choosing the Right Program

More than 15% grad students and more than 40% under grad students get this wrong. And, unfortunately they realize their mistake after they graduate. This also means that they realize that they were moving in the wrong direction, after they have already invested significant money and several years. Here is a real life example which will help you understand why this happens.

Madhav was studying for A2 Cambridge levels. He asks "I am interested in machines, which colleges should I apply to, for studying Mechanical Engineering?"

Typical study abroad consultant: will Google a list of colleges and straight away jump into helping Madhav get admitted into Mechanical Engineering.

The LifePage advantage:

We asked Madhav "Tell us something about Mechanical Engineering which a 10 year old will not know." Madhav went blank after muttering 3 lines.

Then, we took Madhav thorough a 14 hour rigorous guided introspection process.

At the end of this process, Madhav chose Astrophysics. At this stage, he was able to answer: Why he chose Astrophysics? How does it compare to several other Career options? What skills are required to become a good Astrophysicist? What are the challenges of a Career in Astrophysics and how he will prepare himself for those challenges?

LifePage Study Abroad Program

Step 2: Choosing the Right College

Once you are clear with what you want to study. Next, it is vital to choose the college carefully. Let's assume that you want to do an MBA with the intent of running your own start-up in a few years.

Typical study abroad consultant: will start with FT Global MBA rankings stating (Wharton, Columbia and Harvard) are top 3 colleges and then depending on your profile the Consultant will go down the FT list.

The LifePage advantage:

Most published rankings are primarily based on factors like weighted salary, career goals achieved etc.

For your particular case, in addition to the factors above, it might be more important to consider things like, possibility to study technical courses, startup eco system in the country, networking opportunities, cost of living, etc.

So, now we will again take you through a guided introspection process to parameterise what is most important for you and then help you do primary level data research and arrive at your college shortlist. As with choosing the right program, choosing the right college is again not a 5 minute job with us.

LifePage Study Abroad Program

Step 3: Writing stellar SoPs

SOPs are 80% content and 20% language and presentation. If you are Madhav (pre LifePage) and you cannot even say 4 lines about your chosen Career then chances of you weaving a nice integrated positioning is quite low. You need to have a Career Plan. You need to have good reasons for choosing where you apply. You need to know how the program you are applying to fits into your larger Career vision.

And if you need scholarship, you need to prove how your Career Plan will eventually result in a greater social good.

Typical study abroad consultant: will focus only on 20% language and presentation.

The LifePage advantage:

After having helped you chose the right program and the right college, we will work quarter by quarter to help you build your profile.

We will suggest courses, internships, projects, networking, whatever else is required so that we have substantial 80% content in 1, 2, 3 or even 4 admission cycles. Remember the more you work on your profile in a focussed manner, the better college you can get into.

And, finally as we approach the application time, we will focus on the 20% language and presentation. With LifePage, be prepared to work on at least 10 major revisions to your essays.

LifePage Study Abroad Program

Step 4: After you get accepted

Remember Education is a means to an end and not an end in itself. While you should invest time in shopping and prepping yourself for the study abroad experience, you should also make a strategy around how you will make the most of your education abroad.

Typical study abroad consultant: will act as a one stop shop to get your visa cleared.

The LifePage advantage:

We will recommend a visa consultant to you.

However, we will keep our focus on working with you to recalibrate your Career plan in view of where you are actually going.

What should you do to prepare for college: books, language, networking etc. And what should you plan for when you will reach college: electives, certifications, sports etc.

LifePage Study Abroad Program


By investing in the LifePage Study Abroad program: you would choose the right Career, choose the right college, get admission into a much better college, know exactly what you will be doing after college and what you need to do while in college to excel at your chosen Career. This progam will make your college investment much more worthwhile.

The more time you invest in the process the better results you can expect.

LifePage Study Abroad Program

You will need to pay a year's fees in advance for us to start the program. Also note that this package entitles you to 5 college applications. In case, you need our help with more schools you would need to pay ₹ 50,000 (or $ 700) per college.

How do I start?

Sign Up for an orientation discussion on zoom or physical meeting at our office in Dehradun, India. This orientation discussion will be with our chief mentor, Mr Kapil Rawat. Here is his brief introduction.

LifePage Study Abroad Program LifePage Study Abroad Program LifePage Study Abroad Program

For this meeting, you need to pay non refundable fees of ₹ 10,000 (or $ 140). After this disccussion, if you decide to sign up for the LifePage Study Abroad Program then this discussion fees will be deductible from your fees for the first year.


LifePage Study Abroad Program

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