IAF Accounting Services

By Wg Cdr Mansoor Siddiqui
[ Director Finance | Indian Air Force ]

Career in Career-in-IAF-Accounting-Services
IAF Accounting Services
Wg Cdr Mansoor Siddiqui
Director Finance | Indian Air Force
[ 18 years Experience ]

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By Wg Cdr Mansoor Siddiqui
[Director Finance in Indian Air Force]

What is IAF Accounting Services?

Wg Cdr Mansoor Siddiqui: "In Accounting Services, one is responsible for efficient financial management of funds. He also acts as internal auditor to ensure a zero-defect audit from outside agencies."

How I got into IAF Accounting Services?

Wg Cdr Mansoor Siddiqui: "I did B Com & M Com from Meerut University. Post that, I did an MBA in Finance from IIF, Delhi and then did PG Diploma in Materials Management from IIMM, Mumbai. I did a course in Oracle System Analyst & Database Administrator while being in CDAC, Delhi. I served in Indian Air Force for 18 years before taking an early retirement in 2008. I have been actively involved in giving Corporate Trainings and founded an organisation by the name Foster Training Services."

Wg Cdr Mansoor Siddiqui's LifePage:


(IAF Accounting Services, Mansoor Siddiqui, Indian Air Force, Finance, Administrator, Accountancy, Financial Management)

[This Career Talk covers]

  What Is:
     1) IAF Accounting Services  
     2) Accountancy  
     3) Book Keeping  
     4) Budgeting  
     5) Financial Management  
     6) Fund Management  
     7) Auditing  
     8) Communication  
     9) Writing Ability  
     10) Leadership  
     11) Officer Like Quality  
     12) Accounting Aptitude  
     13) Quantitative Analysis  
     14) Helping People  
     15) Popularity  
     16) Wider Knowledge Base  
     17) Becoming More Responsible  
     18) Taking Initiatives  
     19) Meeting Deadlines  
     20) No Compromise on Accuracy  
     21) High Work Load  
     22) Advisory Role  
     23) High Expectations from Commander  
  A Day Of:
     24) IAF Accounting Services  

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