Teaching Biotechnology

By Ravinder Kumar
[ Assistant Professor | SGGR University ]

Career in Career-in-Teaching-Biotechnology
Teaching Biotechnology
Ravinder Kumar
Assistant Professor | SGGR University
[ 13 years & 10 months Experience ]

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By Ravinder Kumar
[Assistant Professor in SGGR University]

What is Teaching Biotechnology?

Ravinder Kumar: "The term biotechnology refers to any technology, process or practice that modifies or harnesses any living organism or system to be useful to any human purpose. The word defines itself: bio means life and technology is defined as the application or harnessing of science for a specific purpose. When you hear the word biotechnology today, you probably think about scientists working at the cutting edge with viruses and genomes in a state-of-the-art laboratory, but when you consider how many different types of life there are, and how many different types of technologies there are, you begin to realize that biotechnology is a broad category that has been around for ages! At its simplest, biotechnology is technology based on biology - biotechnology harnesses cellular and biomolecular processes to develop technologies and products that help improve our lives and the health of our planet."

How I got into Teaching Biotechnology?

Ravinder Kumar: "I did graduation in Chemistry and Zoology from CCS University, Meerut and MSc from Biotech from HNB Garhwal University. Post that, I did M Phil from Vinayaka Mission University. In 2005, I started my teaching career and I am an assistant professor at SGRR University, Dehradun in Biotechnology Department. I have qualified ARS-NET and USET."

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[This Career Talk covers]

  What Is:
     1) Teaching Biotechnology  
     2) Biology  
     3) Chemistry  
     4) Mathematics  
     5) Computers  
     6) Tissue Culture  
     7) Immunology  
     8) Genetic & Molecular Biology  
     9) Drug Designing  
     10) Patience  
     11) Handling Lab Instruments  
     12) Research Analysis  
     13) Decision Making  
     14) Data Analysis  
     15) Reading  
     16) Contribution to the Society  
     17) Rewards & Patents  
     18) Vast Career Opportunities  
     19) Continuous Learning  
     20) Motivating Students  
     21) Time Consuming  
     22) Deep Study  
     23) Ethical Issues  
     24) Fear of Side Effects  
  A Day Of:
     25) Teaching Biotechnology  

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