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Career in Motivational Speaking

By Shubham Shankdhar
[ Motivational Speaker | N B A, Dehradun ]

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What is Motivational Speaking?

Shubham Shankdhar: "Motivation is needed for everything in life, be it a simple errand or the goal of one’s life. A motivational speaker can instil motivation in his or her audience. This video talks about how to be a motivational speaker."

How I got into Motivational Speaking?

Shubham Shankdhar: "After graduation from T.M.U. In BBA (Marketing major) I started my career as a Motivational Speaker at National Banking Academy, Dehradun. Here I am responsible for delivering motivational speeches to school and college students."

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  What Is:
     1) Motivational Speaking  
     2) Contextual Knowledge  
     3) Public Speaking  
     4) Communication Ability  
     5) Pool of Relatable Examples  
     6) Travelling  
     7) Meeting New People  
     8) Continuous Learning process  
     9) Hectic  
     10) Heavy Content Building  
  A Day Of:
     11) Motivational Speaking  

LifePage Career Talk on Motivational Speaking

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(Motivational Speaking, Shubham Shankdhar, N B A, Dehradun, Motivation, Public Speaking, Communication, Public Interaction, Inspiration)

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