Pushkal Soni


[ Fashion Choreographer | Various Creative Assignments ]

Graduation (Textile Designing) - INIFD, Surat
Diploma (Apparel Manufacturing, Marketing & Manufacturing)

Pushkar Soni did his schooling from Cambridge Hall, Dehradun. He then did his Graduation from INIFD in Textile Designing. After that he did his diploma in Apparel Manufacturing, Marketing and Merchandising. He has been working as a Fashion Choreographer since 2007.

Professional Experience
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Fashion Choreography
  Notably: Fashion Choreographer
  in: Various Creative Assignments
11 years & 7 months [Sep 2007 - Apr 2019]

Fashion Choreography is the art of designing sequences of movements in which motion, form, or both are specified. A Choreographer is a person who creates dances. This person decides what the steps will be, and then a dancer performs the steps. If you are a Choreographer you can easily step into Fashion Industry as a Fashion Choreographer

"After completing my schooling, I went on to do my Graduation in Textile Designing from INIFD, Surat. After that I did a Diploma in Apparel Manufacturing, Marketing and Merchandising. I have been working as a Fashion Choreographer since 2007."


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