Shael Bhonrey


[ Creative Designer | Heads Up ]

Animation and VFX - Graphic Era

Mass Communication - Himgiri Zee University

Shael Bhonrey did her schooling from Haridwar then she did her graduation from Graphic Era University and after that her Mass Communication from Himgiri Zee University. She has also done internships with a few Television Channels. She is working with Heads Up Entertainment as a Creative Designer.

Professional Experience
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Creative Designing
  Notably: Creative Designer
  in: Heads Up
5 years & 8 months [Aug 2013 - Apr 2019]

A Creative Designer works in areas of marketing and advertising to create various materials, such as product labels or brochures, that provide information about a company's offerings. They design these materials using paper sketches and digital illustration software.

"After schooling I completed my graduation in Animation and VFX from Graphic Era. Then I pursued Masters in Journalism from Himgiri Zee University. Working with Heads Up Entertainment as a Creative Designer."


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