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[ Hairdresser | Cloud 9 ]

Schooling - Haridwar

Vaseem did his studies from Haridwar and after completing his studies he started practicing in various salons in Punjab. There he worked for 7 years and gained experienced with various celebrities. Then he went to Mumbai for 2 years and after that came to Dehradun in 2015 and is working in Cloud 9 since then.

Professional Experience

LifePage Career Awareness Platform
Hair Dressing
  Notably: Hairdresser
  in: Cloud 9
12 years & 2 months [Sep 2007 - Dec 2019]

Hairdressing is the job or activity of cutting, colouring, and arranging people's hair according to the personality of a person.

"After completing my studies I started practicing in various salons in Punjab. In Punjab I worked for 7 years and got an opportunity to deal with celebrities. After that I to went Mumbai and worked for 2 years. In 2015 I came to Dehradun and since then I have been working as a Hairdresser in Cloud 9 Dehradun."


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