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Aloke B Lal

Aloke B Lal | Retd IPS Officer | Dehradun
[ Retd IPS Officer | Dehradun ]

M Tech – IIT Roorkee 1974 (Gold Medalist)

Aloke B Lal joined the IPS and served for 37 years. He then retired as Director General of Police. During service, he worked in several departments in government of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. In recognition of his excellent work as an IPS office, he was awarded the medal for Long and Meritorious Service in 1992 and the President Police Medal for distinguished services in 2006. After retirement, Aloke B Lal became adviser to the Uttarakhand Governor. He was also once a director in a well known university. He is also a painter and a photographer and his works have been displayed in several exhibitions.

Professional Experience

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Narcotics Control
  Notably: Anti Narcotics Specialist
  in: Indian Police Services
32 years [Nov 1984 - Nov 2016]

Narcotics are drug which are derived from certain biological plants or otherwise chemically.

"I served the Indian Police for 37 years and during this period of my service in police I dealt with the problem of narcotics in many states ,many places as in various position as an IPS Officer. Dealing with drug addiction is important today because we know that a lot of states in India have this problem and so there is need to develop awareness about the problem."

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Indian Police Service
  Notably: Director General Of Police
  in: Indian Police Service
37 years [Oct 1975 - Oct 2012]

The Indian Police Service or IPS, is one of the three all India Services of the Government of India.The service is not a force itself but provides leaders and commanders to staff the state police and all-India Central Armed Police Forces.

"I served in the IPS for 37 years. I did my M Tech from IIT Rorkee in 1974. After that I appeared for the Union Public Service, conducted examination and succeeded in entering the service I was appearing for, the Indian Police Services."

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District Policing
  Notably: Superintendent of Police
  in: Uttar Pradesh Police
13 years [Oct 1979 - Oct 1992]

District Policing is mainly about heading the police force in a district to ensure peace and tranquillity in the area by controlling crime and maintaining order.

"I was an IPS officer and I have worked as a Superintendent of Police in 4 districts, starting with an independent charge of Barabanki district in Uttar Pradesh."

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