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Tabla Artist
Anirudh Mishra

Tabla Artist - Anirudh Mishra's story, professional experience and links.
[ Tabla Artist | Independent Practice ]

Tabla Artist

Anirudh Mishra's Story

B Com from DAV, Dehradun

Anirudh Mishra was born and brought up in Varanasi. He did his schooling from Jasant Modern, Dehradun. After which he did his B Com from DAV, Dehradun. He is from a musical family and started playing Tabla at the age of 8. He started playing Tabla professionally in 2012. 

Tabla Artist

Anirudh Mishra's Experience

LifePage Career Awareness Platform
Playing Tabla
  Notably: Tabla Artist
  in: Several Musical Assignments
7 years & 5 months [Dec 2012 - Jun 2020]

What is Playing Tabla / What is a Career in Playing Tabla: Tabla is an Indian classical instrument. Tabla is relatively similar to drum and it’s a most common accompanying instrument which you can play as solo, accompanying with dance, instruments and vocal.

Playing Tabla Course / How I got into Playing Tabla: "Being from a music family, I started playing Tabla at the age of 8 and Professionally, I am playing Tabla since 2012."

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