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Erik Egerup

Director - Erik Egerup's story, professional experience and links.
[ Director | Dhurva Interactive ]


Erik Egerup's Story

Industrial Design - Sweden

He did his Industrial Design from Sweden. After that he started working in the video game industry in Sweden as a 2D Graphic Artist. Then he moved onto becoming an Art Director and then a Studio Art Director. He came to India and worked for Dhurva Interactive as a Studio Art Director.


Erik Egerup's Experience

LifePage Career Awareness Platform
Studio Art Direction
  Notably: Director
  in: Dhurva Interactive
4 years [Jun 2013 - Jun 2017]

What is Studio Art Direction / What is a Career in Studio Art Direction: When a game is a made, it can be made by one person or even a thousand people. The role of the Art Director is to make sure that the work done by all the artists is coherent and is looking good. Studio Art Director is one step up where there are several Art Directors under him and the role is to support and mentor the Art Directors with the decisions they make as well as running the strategic decisions in a studio.

Studio Art Direction Course / How I got into Studio Art Direction: "I studied Industrial Design from Sweden after which I worked in the video game industry and then came to India and worked with Dhurva Interactive as a Studio Art Director since 2012."

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