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Karan Varshney

 - Karan Varshney's story, professional experience and links.

Karan Varshney's Story

B Tech (CSE) - DIT, Dehradun
MBA (Finance Strategy) - MDI, Gurgaon

Karan Varshey did BTech in CSE from DIT University. After that he did MBA in Finance Strategy from MDI and I started working with Wipro Technologies. He is working with Accenture Consulting as Solution Architect. 

Karan Varshney's Experience

LifePage Career Awareness Platform
Technology Consulting
  Notably: Solution Architect
  in: Accenture Consulting
9 years [Aug 2010 - Aug 2019]

What is Technology Consulting / What is a Career in Technology Consulting: Technology consulting help in creating a new vision for your business to take a giant stride in the digital space. Enterprises look forward to uncover the best business technology solutions that can address their current challenges and remodel their organization with a futuristic vision.

Technology Consulting Course / How I got into Technology Consulting: "After completing BTech in CSE, I did MBA in Finance Strategy from MDI. After that I started working with Wipro Technologies."

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