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Research Manager
Manjula Garg

Research Manager - Manjula Garg's story, professional experience and links.
[ Research Manager | Kantar ]

Research Manager

Manjula Garg's Story

BA (Economics Honours) - Delhi University

Manjula Garg did her BA from Delhi University. After that, she joined Kantar as Project Consultant and gradually became more inclined towards Market Research. She has been a Research Manager at Kantar since 2016. 

Research Manager

Manjula Garg's Experience

LifePage Career Awareness Platform
Market Research
  Notably: Research Manager
  in: Kantar
2 years & 9 months [Aug 2017 - Jun 2020]

What is Market Research / What is a Career in Market Research: Market Research is identifying how the market is performing in day-to-day life. It involves gathering data about people or companies from a market and then analyzing it to better understand what that group of people needs. The results of market research, which are usually summarized in a report, are then used to help business owners make more informed decisions about the company's strategies, operations, and potential customer base.

Market Research Course / How I got into Market Research: "I completed my schooling from Pine Hall School, Dehradun. Post that, I did my graduation in Economics Honours from Bharati College, Delhi University. After completing my graduation, I embarked on my Career in Market Research by joining Kantar in 2016."

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