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Disc Jockey Prabhat Bisht

Disc Jockey Prabhat Bisht's story, professional experience and links.
[ Disc Jockey | Various Music Assignmnets ]

Disc Jockey Prabhat Bisht's Story

Graduation - DAV PG College

Prabhat Bisht did his schooling from Sai Grace Academy. He then did his graduation from DAV PG College. Straight after that he got interested in the DJ field and started his career with Niravana Club. He worked there for three years, and today works as a freelancer.

Disc Jockey Prabhat Bisht's Professional Experience

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Disc Jockey
  Notably: Disc Jockey
  in: Various Music Assignmnets
9 years & 6 months [Sep 2010 - Apr 2020]

What is Disc Jockey / What is a Career in Disc Jockey: A person who introduces and plays recorded popular music, especially on radio or at a club.

Disc Jockey Course / How I got into Disc Jockey: "I did my schooling from Sai Grace Academy. Did my Graduation from DAV PG College. I started freelancing and entered this field soon after my studies. I first started working at Nirvana Club. I worked there for 3 years, and have been freelancing since then."

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