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Founder Preeti Badhwar

Founder Preeti Badhwar's story, professional experience and links.
[ Founder | Classic Continental ]

Founder Preeti Badhwar's Story

Chocolate Workshop Kuala Lumpur

Preeti Badhwar did her schooling from Delhi Senior Cambridge. She started Glass Painting as a hobby without any help or guidance. In fact she held her own exhibition of Glass Painting in 1995 at the Doon Club. However she was more inclined towards cooking and did a Chocolate Workshop from Kuala Lumpur. Today she owns her own business called Classic Continental where she cooks at home and delivers the dishes from home itself.

Founder Preeti Badhwar's Professional Experience

LifePage Career Awareness Platform
  Notably: Founder
  in: Classic Continental
8 years & 7 months [Sep 2011 - Apr 2020]

What is Entrepreneurship / What is a Career in Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurship is the activity of setting up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit. Cooking is the practice or skill of preparing food by combining, mixing, and heating ingredients.

Entrepreneurship Course / How I got into Entrepreneurship: "I did my schooling from Delhi Senior Cambridge. I did a 2 day chocolate workshop at Kuala Lumpur. I have a business of my own called Classic Continental. I take orders from people, make their dishes at home, and then my clients come to collect it from my house."

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