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Civil Engineer
Rishabh Jain

Civil Engineer - Rishabh Jain's story, professional experience and links.
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Civil Engineer

Rishabh Jain's Story

B Tech - Kurukshetra University

Rishabh Jain did B Tech from Kurukshetra University and started working at Rishabh Buildwell Pvt Ltd. In 2016, he joined Swati Structure & Concrete as a Civil Engineer. 

Civil Engineer

Rishabh Jain's Experience

LifePage Career Awareness Platform
RMC Quality Control
  Notably: Civil Engineer
  in: Swati Structure & Concrete
7 years & 1 month [Apr 2013 - Jun 2020]

What is RMC Quality Control / What is a Career in RMC Quality Control: RMC Quality control is a process by which entities review the quality of all factors involved in production. Quality Assurance Programme for RMC can be broadly divided into three components i.e. Forward control, immediate control and retrospective control.

RMC Quality Control Course / How I got into RMC Quality Control: "After completing B Tech from Kurukshetra University, I started working at Rishabh Buildwell Pvt Ltd. Since 2016, I am working as a Civil Engineer at Swati Structure & Concrete."

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