Kunal Dhingra


[ Travel Photographer | Independent Practice ]


Kunal Dhingra passed out of school from Pine Hall School Dehradun and then did his Bachelors in Business Administration. It was then that he realized that is true passion was in Photography. That happened when he started taking pictures of almost everything that was appealing to his eye such as nature photos, insects, portraits etc. Slowly and steadily he started learning from the internet and reading books and became a self taught Photographer.

Professional Experience
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Travel Photography
  Notably: Freelancer
  in: Various Creative Assignments
5 years & 10 months [Jun 2013 - Apr 2019]

Photography is an Art where you capture photos and process them while bringing the vision in front of the world therefore showing them what you actually saw and even felt.

"I passed out of Pine Hall school in Dehradun and then went for my Bachelors in Business Administration and then i realized that my passion is Photography."


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