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Real professionals explain 1,271 career options. Each Talk covers what Education and Skills are needed to succeed, what are the Positives, what are the Challenges one needs to prepare for, and how a day goes in that Career.


Career Talks

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Career in Geology
Rakesh Bhunia
Assistant Professor | DIT University
[ 32 years & 2 months Experience ]

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Career in Geoscience
Sankhadip Bhattacharya
Geologist | National Oil Corporation
[ 9 years & 6 months Experience ]

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DevOps Career in DevOps
Project Management Career in Project Management
Creative Writing Career in Creative Writing
Search Engine Optimization Career in Search Engine Optimization
Branding Career in Branding

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Profiles Of

Rajat Chauhan LifePage Profile Rajat Chauhan
Sports Medicine & Pain Doctor | Back 2 Fitness
Dr Brij Mohan Sharma LifePage Profile Dr Brij Mohan Sharma
Chief Functionary | SPECS
Shakti Manocha LifePage Profile Shakti Manocha
Yoga Teacher | Independent Practice
Monit Kapoor LifePage Profile Monit Kapoor
Head -Department of Cybernetics | UPES
Kislaya R Mishra LifePage Profile Kislaya R Mishra
Senior Resident | Shri Mahant Indiresh Hospital

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Read About

The App that will help you find which Career is best for you
Mission IIT JEE – India’s biggest tragedy!
What’s Next – After Boards?
Unemployability in India – problem hiding in plain sight
Education System in India

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