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Sourdough Baking

Founder Jumana talks about Sourdough Baking course, what is Sourdough Baking and other details about a Career in Sourdough Baking.

Sourdough Baking

Jumana | Founder | Jumana Naturals

Career in Career-in-Sourdough-Baking/English
Sourdough Baking
Founder | Jumana Naturals
[ 4 years & 10 months Experience ]
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What is Sourdough Baking?

A Career in Sourdough Baking is very interesting. One should first understand What a Career in Sourdough Baking entails before investing time and effort to figure out How to start a Career in Sourdough Baking. The most authoritative source of information on Sourdough Baking is someone with real experience in it.

With 4 years & 10 months of professional experience, Founder Jumana understands Sourdough Baking. Here is how Founder Jumana detailed Sourdough Baking:

Sourdough Baking is the process of making breads by Natural method. Sourdough bread is a healthier alternative to regular white or whole wheat bread. Although it has comparable nutrients, the lower phytate levels mean it is more digestible and nutritious.

How Founder Jumana got into Sourdough Baking?

I have done BA in geography from Nowrosjee Wadia College and DBN from Walingkar College Bombay. I also did some Counseling courses. I am in energy healing too. I prefer to Nature over man made things. I'm doing Sourdough Baking since 2017.

Founder Jumana 's Talk on Sourdough Baking

Starts with what is:
     1) Sourdough  

Next, it covers Education. It was a welcome change to see the Talk touch upon Education as theoretical knowledge needed to excel at Sourdough Baking, and not merely as Qualifications needed to enter Sourdough Baking. It defines Education in terms of following items for Sourdough Baking:
     2) Science & Maths  
     3) Baking Process  
     4) Basic Food Knowledge  
     5) Feeding Starter  
     6) Photography  

Then, the Talk focuses on the most important component that is Skills. Anyone aspiring for Sourdough Baking needs to understand that Skill development is crucial for success. It discusses following headings for Skills in Sourdough Baking:
     7) Creativity  
     8) Patience  
     9) Presentation & Communication  
     10) Time Management  
     11) Dedication & Passion  
     12) Writing Skills  

Positives of Sourdough Baking motivate one to work hard for the same. The Talk goes through this list of Positives of Sourdough Baking:
     13) Travelling  
     14) Meeting New People  
     15) Continuos Learning  
     16) Growth Opportunities  
     17) Monetery Benefits  

After a discussion on Positives, Challenges complete the caricature of Sourdough Baking:
     18) Working with Indian Floors  
     19) Uncertainities  
     20) Finding People To Sell  

In the final section of the Talk, Jumana talks about How a day goes in a Career in:
     21) Sourdough Baking  

Install the LifePage App to:

  1. (for Free) Watch Founder Jumana ’s full Sourdough Baking Career Talk

  2. (for ? 100 or ? $ 1.4) Do a Self Assessment on Sourdough Baking to calculate your Dream Index, which is defined as:

    According to Jumana your chances of success in Sourdough Baking is __%

  3. Access your personalized Dream Index Report which will have all your Dream Indices sorted in descending order.

Career Counselling 2.0

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How to get into

Sourdough Baking?

If you are want to get into Sourdough Baking, start by investing in a Career Plan.

The 14 hour process, guided by a LifePage Career Advisor, will help you introspect and check whether your interest in Sourdough Baking is merely an infatuation or is it truly something you wish to do for the rest of your life.

Next, your Career Advisor will help you document how you can get into Sourdough Baking, what education and skills you need to succeed in Sourdough Baking, and what positives and challenges you will face in Sourdough Baking.

Finally, you will get a Career Plan stating which Courses, Certifications, Trainings and other Items you need to do in the next 7 years to become world’s best in Sourdough Baking.

LifePage Career Plan

14 hour personalized guidance program

Your LifePage Career Advisor facilitates your guided introspection so that you systematically explore various Career options to arrive at a well thought out Career choice.

Next: your Advisor helps you figure out how you will get into your chosen Career and how will you develop the skills needed for success in your Chosen Career.

LifePage Plan will not stop at saying "to become an Architect study Architecture". It will guide you on which Certifications, Trainings and Other items you need to do along with your Architecture education to become the world's best Architect.

Links for this Talk

LifePage Career Talk on Sourdough Baking

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(Jumana H Electricwala, Baking, Sourdough, Sourdough baking, Bread, Cookies, Healthy cooking, Sustainable lifestyle)

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