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Scientific Conservation

Assistant Director Dr Rishabh Kumar Chaturvedi talks about Scientific Conservation course, what is Scientific Conservation and other details about a Career in Scientific Conservation.

Scientific Conservation

Dr Rishabh Kumar Chaturvedi | Assistant Director | Archaeological Survey of India

What is Scientific Conservation?

A Career in Scientific Conservation is very intriguing. Understanding Why one wants to choose a Career in Scientific Conservation is phenomenally more important than figuring out How to get into Scientific Conservation. Just like you would normally not trust a non Doctor with names of medicines, you should also not trust opinions about Scientific Conservation from non professionals.

Assistant Director Dr Rishabh Kumar Chaturvedi is an experienced professional with 36 years in Scientific Conservation. According to Assistant Director Dr Rishabh Kumar Chaturvedi, Scientific Conservation is:

A conservation scientist works in the field of conservation science and whose focus is on the research of cultural heritage (e.g. art, artifacts, buildings, and monuments) through scientific inquiry. Conservation scientists conduct applied scientific research and techniques to determine the material, chemical, and technical aspects of cultural heritage.

How Assistant Director Dr Rishabh Kumar Chaturvedi got into Scientific Conservation?

I did B Sc in Chemistry, Geology, Botany and M Sc in Chemistry from Agra College. I then went on to do Ph D in Chemistry from the same college. In 1977, I joined the Science Branch of Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). I retired from ASI in 2013 as an Assistant Director.

Assistant Director Dr Rishabh Kumar Chaturvedi's Talk on Scientific Conservation

Starts with what is:
     1) Scientific Conservation  

Next, it covers Education. It was a welcome change to see the Talk touch upon Education as theoretical knowledge needed to excel at Scientific Conservation, and not merely as Qualifications needed to enter Scientific Conservation. It details these topics within Education for Scientific Conservation:
     2) Inorganic Chemistry  
     3) Environmental Science  
     4) Botany  
     5) Geology  
     6) History  
     7) Instrumentation  

Then, the Talk focuses on the most important component that is Skills. Anyone aspiring for Scientific Conservation needs to understand that Skill development is crucial for success. Here is a list of Skills required for Scientific Conservation:
     8) Observation Skills  
     9) Application of Knowledge  
     10) Problem Solving  
     11) Research Orientation  
     12) Keen Learning  

There are great positives of Scientific Conservation. This Talk defines Positives in terms of following items for Scientific Conservation:
     13) Interesting Field  
     14) Travelling  
     15) Interaction with Foreign Dignitaries  
     16) Sense of Pride  
     17) Satisfaction  

It is important that one develops a fair understanding of the Challenges of Scientific Conservation:
     18) Field Job  
     19) Work-Life Balance  
     20) Public Interference  

In the final section of the Talk, Dr Rishabh Kumar Chaturvedi talks about How a day goes in a Career in:
     21) Scientific Conservation  

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How to get into

Scientific Conservation?

If you are want to get into Scientific Conservation, start by investing in a Career Plan.

The 14 hour process, guided by a LifePage Career Advisor, will help you introspect and check whether your interest in Scientific Conservation is merely an infatuation or is it truly something you wish to do for the rest of your life.

Next, your Career Advisor will help you document how you can get into Scientific Conservation, what education and skills you need to succeed in Scientific Conservation, and what positives and challenges you will face in Scientific Conservation.

Finally, you will get a Career Plan stating which Courses, Certifications, Trainings and other Items you need to do in the next 7 years to become world’s best in Scientific Conservation.

LifePage Career Plan

14 hour personalized guidance program

Your LifePage Career Advisor facilitates your guided introspection so that you systematically explore various Career options to arrive at a well thought out Career choice.

Next: your Advisor helps you figure out how you will get into your chosen Career and how will you develop the skills needed for success in your Chosen Career.

LifePage Plan will not stop at saying "to become an Architect study Architecture". It will guide you on which Certifications, Trainings and Other items you need to do along with your Architecture education to become the world's best Architect.

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Assistant Director Dr Rishabh Kumar Chaturvedi's LifePage:

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