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Manav Singh

Owner - Manav Singh's story, professional experience and links.
[ Owner | The Brave Riders ]


Manav Singh's Story

Graduation (Commerce)- DAV PG College

Manav Singh did his Schooling from KV Upper Camp, Dehradun. He then did his Graduation from DAV PG College. He shifted to Delhi and worked with Expedia for one in a half years. He also worked with Real Estate. However he wasn?t satisfied and needed to find his passion. He then started The Brave Riders in 2016. 


Manav Singh's Experience

LifePage Career Awareness Platform
Bike Touring
  Notably: Owner
  in: The Brave Riders
3 years & 6 months [Dec 2016 - Jun 2020]

What is Bike Touring / What is a Career in Bike Touring: Bike touring is a format of tourism that involves a motorcycle. It has been a subject of note since at least 1915. Motorcycle touring involves special equipment and techniques.

Bike Touring Course / How I got into Bike Touring: "I did my Schooling from KV Upper Camp, Dehradun. After that I did my Graduation from DAV PG College. I then shifted to Delhi and worked with Expedia for one and a half years. I also worked with Real Estate. I finally found my passion and started The Bike Riders in 2016."

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