Career in Cafe Management

By Annie Sharma
[ Cafe Executive | Chhaya Cafe ]

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What is Cafe Management?

Annie Sharma: "Cafe or restaurant managers plan, run and oversee the activities of businesses that sell and serve food and beverages to the public, such as cafes, restaurants and fast-food outlets."

How I got into Cafe Management?

Annie Sharma: "I did my schooling from Rajpur Inter College, Dehradun and after that did my basic cooking training at Chhaya Cafe. I am working as a Cafe Manager at Chhaya Cafe."

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  What Is:
     1) Cafe Management  
     2) Basic Cooking  
     3) Operations  
     4) Time Management  
     5) Stock Maintenance  
     6) Communication  
     7) Maintenance  
     8) Understanding the Client  
     9) Patience  
     10) Self Satisfaction  
     11) Meeting New People  
     12) Handling Rude Clients  
  A Day Of:
     13) Cafe Management  

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