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Real professionals explain 1,271 career options. Each Talk covers what Education and Skills are needed to succeed, what are the Positives, what are the Challenges one needs to prepare for, and how a day goes in that Career.


Career Talks

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Career in Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Vidhu Gairola
Director | RESCO
[ 49 years Experience ]

  [ 2 ]
Career in Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Girish Chandra Budhalakoti
Chief Mechanical Engineer | Indian Railways
[ 36 years & 11 months Experience ]

  [ 3 ]
Career in Rotating Equipment Engg
Rotating Equipment Engg
Vidhu Gairola
Director | RESCO
[ 33 years Experience ]

  [ 4 ]
Career in Teaching Mechanical Engg
Teaching Mechanical Engg
R Rajan
Assistant Professor | DIT University
[ 20 years Experience ]

  [ 5 ]
Career in Teaching Thermo Fluids
Teaching Thermo Fluids
Ashish Mishra
Assistant Professor | DIT University
[ 1 year Experience ]

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Learn About

Radio Jockey Career in Radio Jockey
Teaching Management Career in Teaching Management
Game Environment Art Career in Game Environment Art
Creative Designing Career in Creative Designing
Engineering Education Career in Engineering Education

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Profiles Of

Priyanka Thakur LifePage Profile Priyanka Thakur
Principal Floriculturist | Dr Y S Parmar University of Horticulture & Forestry
Sumit Kothari LifePage Profile Sumit Kothari
Founder | SHA Constructions
Dr Luana Amaro Muniz LifePage Profile Dr Luana Amaro Muniz
Psychiatrist | Brazilian Government
Pooja Kumari LifePage Profile Pooja Kumari
Wedding Photographer | Independent Practice
Bhavya Raj LifePage Profile Bhavya Raj
Guitarist | Independent Practice

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