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Fashion Choreography

Show Director Kapil Gauhri talks about Fashion Choreography course, what is Fashion Choreography and other details about a Career in Fashion Choreography.

Fashion Choreography Career Talk

Kapil Gauhri | Show Director | Various Creative Assignments

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Fashion Choreography Explained

What is Fashion Choreography?

Fashion Choreography is a great Career option. Understanding Why one wants to choose a Career in Fashion Choreography is phenomenally more important than figuring out How to get into Fashion Choreography. Just like you would normally not trust a non Doctor with names of medicines, you should also not trust opinions about Fashion Choreography from non professionals.

Show Director Kapil Gauhri is an experienced professional with 6 years in Fashion Choreography. According to Show Director Kapil Gauhri, Fashion Choreography is:

Fashion Show Direction

How Show Director Kapil Gauhri got into Fashion Choreography?

Kapil Gauhri has finished his schooling from K V FRI and later moved to Delhi for a Fashion Designing and Management Course. He did his Graduaton and Post Graduation from DAV, Dehradun. He is currently working with Sinmit Communicatiion as a Freelancer.

Show Director Kapil Gauhri's Talk on Fashion Choreography

Starts with what is:
     1) Fashion Choreography  

Next, it covers Education. It is easy to Google information about what Qualifications are needed to enter Fashion Choreography, this Talk went a step ahead to talk about the body of knowledge one needs to develop to excel at Fashion Choreography. Here is a list of Education items required for Fashion Choreography:
     2) Postures & Style  
     3) Sense of Elements  
     4) Body Structure  
     5) Latest Trends  
     6) Knowledge of Delivering  
     7) Atmosphere  

Then, the Talk focuses on the most important component that is Skills. Sills and success in Fashion Choreography go hand in hand. One needs to get a hold of essential skills. It defines Skills in terms of following items for Fashion Choreography:
     8) Creativity  
     9) Leadership  
     10) Communication  
     11) Observation  
     12) Client Handling  
     13) Pleasing Personality  

Positives of Fashion Choreography are quite interesting. The Talk discusses following Positives of Fashion Choreography:
     14) Highly Paid  
     15) Glamour  
     16) Networking  
     17) Self Development  
     18) High Standard of Living  

After a discussion on Positives, Challenges complete the caricature of Fashion Choreography:
     19) Initial Struggle  
     20) Competition  
     21) Dependecies  
     22) Dealing with Seniors  
     23) Female Dominant  

In the final section of the Talk, Kapil Gauhri talks about How a day goes in a Career in:
     24) Fashion Show Direction  

Career Counselling 2.0

Career Counselling 2.0

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