Merchant Navy

By Siddharth Deoli
[ Master Mariner | Teekay Shipping Ltd ]

Career in Career-in-Merchant-Navy
Merchant Navy
Siddharth Deoli
Master Mariner | Teekay Shipping Ltd
[ 23 years & 8 months Experience ]

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By Siddharth Deoli
[Master Mariner in Teekay Shipping Ltd]

What is Merchant Navy?

Siddharth Deoli: "A merchant navy or merchant marine is the fleet of merchant vessels that are registered in a specific country. On merchant vessels, Seafarers of various ranks and sometimes members of maritime trade unions are required to carry Merchant Mariner's Documents."

How I got into Merchant Navy?

Siddharth Deoli: "I joined T S Chanakya, Mumbai for Merchant Navy Training. I have been sailing as a Captain in Teekay Shipping Ltd since 1995."

Siddharth Deoli's LifePage:


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[This Career Talk covers]

  What Is:
     1) Merchant Navy  
     2) Science  
     3) Astronomy  
     4) Meteorology  
     5) Mechanics  
     6) Geography  
     7) Management  
     8) Navigation & Electrical Engineering  
     9) Leadership  
     10) Adaptable  
     11) Communication  
     12) Decision Making  
     13) Confidence  
     14) Courage  
     15) Monetary Potential  
     16) Disciplined Lifestyle  
     17) Travel & Culture  
     18) Adventures  
     19) Personality Development  
     20) Professionalism  
     21) Challenging Environment  
     22) Isolation  
     23) Away from Family  
     24) Lack of Social Life  
     25) Cyclic Nature  
  A Day Of:
     26) Merchant Navy  

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