Career in License Compliance

By Gaurav Shankar
[ Director - License Compliance | Siemens Industry Software Pvt Ltd ]

Career in Career-in-License-Compliance/english
License Compliance
Gaurav Shankar
Director - License Compliance | Siemens Industry Software Pvt Ltd
[ 13 years Experience ]

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What is License Compliance?

Gaurav Shankar: "Doing business in the most ethical way for the any organization is very important. Compliance is a very integral part of any organization, be it in the field of HR, Sales and how you are doing the business."

How I got into License Compliance?

Gaurav Shankar: "After completing B Com, I did MBA in IT and Systems from ICFAI. I have over 13 years of experience working in the field of License Compliance."

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  What Is:
     1) License Compliances  
     2) Law/IT Act/Copyright  
     3) Sales  
     4) Management  
     5) Information Technology  
     6) Software Asset Management  
     7) Negotiation  
     8) Communication  
     9) People Management  
     10) Due Diligence  
     11) Controlled Aggression  
     12) Adreline Rush  
     13) Sought After Individuals  
     14) Shorter Sales Cycles  
     15) Travel  
     16) Global Function  
     17) Networking  
     18) Specialist Progression  
     19) Legal Actions  
     20) Emotional Drain  
     21) Maturity of Legal Framework  
  A Day Of:
     22) License Compliances  

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