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Career in Video Games QA

By Priyam Datta
[ Manager Operations | Dhruva Interactive ]

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What is Video Games QA?

Priyam Datta: "Video Games Quality Assurance is a process to ensure that the video games that you get to play are bug free and enjoyable."

How I got into Video Games QA?

Priyam Datta: "After completing my schooling from Pragjyotish EMH School and Cotton College, Guwahati,I did my BE in Civil Engineering from NIT Silchar. Then I started my career as a Java Programmer and have been working in the Games Industry since 2003. Currently I am working with Dhruva Interactive."

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  What Is:
     1) Video Games Quality Assurance  
     2) Language  
     3) Project Management  
     4) Quality Assurance  
     5) Testing Architecture  
     6) Eye for Detail  
     7) Interpretation  
     8) Articulation  
     9) Technical Bend Of Mind  
     10) Passion For Game  
     11) Teamwork  
     12) Communication  
     13) Technology Progressive  
     14) Global Presence  
     15) High Job Satisfaction  
     16) Rich Industry  
     17) Low Visibility  
     18) Non-existing gaming culture  
     19) Not a serious career alternative  
  A Day Of:
     20) Passion  

LifePage Career Talk on Video Games QA

Full Talk:

(Video Games Q A, Priyam Datta, Dhruva Interactive, Game Testing, Game Quality Assurance, Game Quality, Video Game Testing)

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