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Career in Petroleum Dealership

By Bharat Hari
[ Managing Director | Premier Motors ]

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What is Petroleum Dealership?

Bharat Hari: "Petroleum Dealership is the activity of setting up an establishment that buys petroleum products from a producer or distributor for wholesale and/or retail reselling."

How I got into Petroleum Dealership?

Bharat Hari: "I am a Business Graduate from Graphic Era University. In 2007, I joined my family business of petroleum dealership for Hindustan Petroleum Corporation . I am currently serving as the Managing Director at Premier Motors in Dehradun."

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  What Is:
     1) Petroleum Dealership  
     2) Sales Promotion  
     3) Human Resource Management  
     4) Finance  
     5) Safety Procedures  
     6) Crisis Management  
     7) People Management  
     8) Delegation  
     9) Leadership  
     10) Accuracy  
     11) Work Life Balance  
     12) Independence  
     13) Financial Stability  
     14) Meeting New People  
     15) Competition  
     16) Pilferage Management  
     17) High Risk  
  A Day Of:
     18) Petroleum Dealership  

LifePage Career Talk on Petroleum Dealership

Full Talk:

(Petroleum Dealership, Bharat Hari, Premier Motons, Oil and Gas, Sales, Petroleum industry)

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