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Career in Environmental Engineering

By Abhinav Nautiyal
[ Founder | SHA Constructions ]

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What is Environmental Engineering?

Abhinav Nautiyal: "Environmental engineering is the branch of engineering concerned with the application of scientific and engineering principles for protection of human populations from the effects of adverse environmental factors; protection of environments, both local and global, from potentially deleterious effects of natural and human activities; and improvement of environmental quality."

How I got into Environmental Engineering?

Abhinav Nautiyal: "I did B Tech in Civil Engineering and worked at Kailash Group of Hospitals for 2 years. I then did M Tech in Environmental Engineering from Doon University. I co-founded SHA Constructions and I am Environmental Engineer there."

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  What Is:
     1) Environmental Engineering  
     2) Environmental Impact Assessment  
     3) Solid Waste Management  
     4) Air Pollution  
     5) Renewable Energy  
     6) Urban Planning  
     7) Geographic Information System  
     8) Awareness  
     9) Software Skills  
     10) Attending Seminars & Conferences  
     11) Inquisitiveness  
     12) Love for Nature  
     13) Observation Skills  
     14) Laboratory Skills  
     15) Work Satisfaction  
     16) Developing New Ideas  
     17) White Collar Job  
     18) Exposure  
     19) Meeting People  
     20) Climatic Change  
     21) Health Issues  
  A Day Of:
     22) Environmental Engineering  

Abhinav Nautiyal's LifePage:

LifePage Career Talk on Environmental Engineering

Full Talk:

(Environmental Engineering, Abhinav Nautiyal, SHA Constructions, Founder, Engineer, Environmentalist, Nature)

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