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Makeup Training

Director Liz Gruszka talks about Makeup Training course, what is Makeup Training and other details about a Career in Makeup Training.

Makeup Training

Liz Gruszka | Director | Masters Academy of Makeup Art

What is Makeup Training?

You may be curious about a Career in Makeup Training. Internet is brimming with pages on How to get into Makeup Training, while one should first understand What is a Career in Makeup Training. The most authoritative source of information on Makeup Training is someone with real experience in it.

Director Liz Gruszka has worked in Makeup Training for 27 years & 2 months. Director Liz Gruszka outlines Makeup Training as:

Makeup training is teaching Makeup enthusiasts how to do Makeup and become Professionals at that field.

How Director Liz Gruszka got into Makeup Training?

After completing my Schooling from Australia, I worked at EMI Music Company. I travelled the world for around 3 years, and lived at different places. I finally decided to study Makeup from a school at Toronto. I have been doing Makeup since 1992. I have done Makeup for Holly wood Films as well. I became a Director at MAMA Masters Academy of Makeup Art in 2015.

Director Liz Gruszka's Talk on Makeup Training

Starts with what is:
     1) Makeup Training  

Next, it covers Education. We all know that only 10% of what is taught in Makeup Training is actually used in real life. The Education section of the Talk clearly explained what is the 10% needed in Makeup Training. It explains Education needed in Makeup Training with these items:
     2) Skin Types  
     3) Colour Theory  
     4) Product Knowledge  
     5) Face Shapes  
     6) Tools & Equipments  

Then, the Talk focuses on the most important component that is Skills. Sills and success in Makeup Training go hand in hand. One needs to get a hold of essential skills. It discusses following headings for Skills in Makeup Training:
     7) Peoples Skill  
     8) Patience  
     9) Communication  
     10) Leadership  
     11) Enthusiastic  

Makeup Training has an interesting list of Positives. The Talk discusses following Positives of Makeup Training:
     12) Continuous Learning  
     13) Sense of Achievement  
     14) Meeting Interesting People  

After a discussion on Positives, Challenges complete the caricature of Makeup Training:
     15) Updated With Latest Trends  
     16) Language  
     17) Initial Struggle  
     18) Competition  

In the final section of the Talk, Liz Gruszka talks about How a day goes in a Career in:
     19) Makeup Training  

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Career Counselling 2.0

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How to get into

Makeup Training?

If you are want to get into Makeup Training, start by investing in a Career Plan.

The 14 hour process, guided by a LifePage Career Advisor, will help you introspect and check whether your interest in Makeup Training is merely an infatuation or is it truly something you wish to do for the rest of your life.

Next, your Career Advisor will help you document how you can get into Makeup Training, what education and skills you need to succeed in Makeup Training, and what positives and challenges you will face in Makeup Training.

Finally, you will get a Career Plan stating which Courses, Certifications, Trainings and other Items you need to do in the next 7 years to become world’s best in Makeup Training.

LifePage Career Plan

14 hour personalized guidance program

Your LifePage Career Advisor facilitates your guided introspection so that you systematically explore various Career options to arrive at a well thought out Career choice.

Next: your Advisor helps you figure out how you will get into your chosen Career and how will you develop the skills needed for success in your Chosen Career.

LifePage Plan will not stop at saying "to become an Architect study Architecture". It will guide you on which Certifications, Trainings and Other items you need to do along with your Architecture education to become the world's best Architect.

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LifePage Career Talk on Makeup Training

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Career Counselling 2.0

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Career Counselling 2.0 Career Counselling 2.0 Career Counselling 2.0 Career Counselling 2.0 Career Counselling 2.0

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