Career in Real Estate Consulting

By Utkarsh Kumar
[ Owner | Xpress Realtors ]

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What is Real Estate Consulting?

Utkarsh Kumar: "Real estate consultants and realtors play very different roles in the housing market, though their duties and responsibilities might overlap at times. A consultant usually advises clients on building or investment activities in the market. A realtor helps clients buy or sell properties."

How I got into Real Estate Consulting?

Utkarsh Kumar: "After doing my schooling from Noida, I did my graduation in International Business Management from Symbiosis International University and after that I did few courses in marketing. I am the founder of Xpress Realtors."

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  What Is:
     1) Real Estate Consulting  
     2) Marketing  
     3) Sales  
     4) Operations  
     5) Client Psychology  
     6) Communication  
     7) Analytical  
     8) Customer Orientated  
     9) Empathy  
     10) Independent  
     11) Work Life Balance  
     12) Good Rewards  
     13) Exposure  
     14) Market Fluctuation  
     15) Unorganized Sectors  
     16) Limited Growth  
  A Day Of:
     17) Real Estate Consulting  

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